Efficient energy management for healthcare and community facilities in sub-saharan africa

RESTARTHealth: a 2021 polisocial award winning project

The Covid-19 health emergency has contributed to exacerbate imbalances and marginality and to make concrete the risk of an increase in internal disparities between countries.

The RESTARTHealth project (Renewable Energy Systems To Activate Recovery Through the Health Sector) will act in a vulnerable area, the sub-Saharan Africa, in order to strengthen health infrastructures and related community services by studying efficient energy management for hybrid microgrids. The goal is to ensure a more reliable and appropriate energy system, promoting related business development and local entrepreneurship.

The projects involves the departments of Energy, Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Testing and demonstrations will be held in the St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor and in three health centers in the Gulu District, in Uganda, and will allow establishing general guidelines.

RESTARTHealth is one of the high social impact projects awarded in the 2021 edition of Polisocial Award, dedicated to the theme “Equity and Recovery”: the winning projects are financed by funds from the 5×1000 donations (a fraction of the personal income tax each Italian citizen can donate to support a non-profit organisation).


Marco Merlo, Department of Energy (principal investigator)
Riccardo Mereu, Department of Energy (project manager)
Irene Bengo, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Veronica Chiodo, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Marco Mauri, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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