Jrc deep social analytics for employee engagement goes live

Seven months after the launch, the preliminary results are presented to the companies involved.

The research carried out at the “Deep Social Analytics for Employee Engagement” Joint Research Center has gone live half-way through its first year, the joint research centre is today presenting the preliminary results to the companies involved.

The project is being led by the Politecnico di Milano’s Departments of Management Engineering and Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, together with another eight Italian and international companies with an interest in research, innovation and development in the context of Human Resources management. It is a strategic partnership for the development of knowledge, models and technologies for analysing and improving Employee Engagement.

Within the new work organisation models that have been enabled by the digital age, the adoption of which was accelerated by the pandemic, the measurement, monitoring and development of employee engagement has become a fundamental factor in being able to take action in relation to employees’ working experiences, including in terms of retention.

Professor Mariano Corso, Research Manager.

What is the objective of the JRC Deep Social Analytics for Employee Engagement? To identify alarm bells and weaker signs of employee disengagement which, if listened to, can allow organisations to implement timely and specific measures to support the wellbeing of their own people. The challenge is therefore to combine traditional systems for measuring engagement, which are based on static models and look to the past, with more holistic, integrated and real-time approaches.

The approach is multidisciplinary and based on the use of data. The normal tools for measuring and monitoring engagement were combined with approaches involving machine learning, data analytics and data fusion, to collect and assess the great volume of data available to companies today, always in line with the framework established by GDPR.

The vast quantity of data generated on a daily basis, as well as the emergence of new approaches and technologies for analysing it, now presents great opportunities to measure and improve employees’ working experience.

Professor Matteo Matteucci, Research Manager.

To date, JRC Deep Social Analytics for Employee Engagement has enjoyed the participation of the companies A2A, Banca Mediolanum, Costa Crociere, the Credem Group, Maire Tecnimont, Poste Italiane, together with Beaconforce and Microsoft which joined as the project’s technological partners.