Hybris: structural batteries for electric aircraft

A Politecnico di Milano's patent has won the Intellectual Property Award

Hybris is developed by a research group consisting of professors and students of the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Milano.

It is the design of a hybrid-electric aircraft with structural batteries.

Structural batteries are innovative multifunctional composite materials that can withstand mechanical loads while simultaneously storing electrical energy. Both the fuselage and the outside of the wings of the HYBRIS are made of structural batteries.

The inventors are Andrea Bernasconi, Fabio Biondani, Luca Capoferri, Alberto Favier, Federico Gualdoni, Carlo Riboldi, Lorenzo Trainelli, Carmen Velarde Lopez de Ayala

Hybris won the Intellectual Property Award (IPA) in the “aerospace” sector, as announced at the Italian Pavilion of Expo Dubai. It is the competition for Italian technological patents resulting from public research organised by the Ministry of Economic Development in collaboration with Netval (Network for Research Valorisation).

A total of 217 innovative patents developed by Universities, Research Centres and Scientific Hospitalisation and Treatment Institutions were considered for the competition; and 35 of these were selected for the final stage in Dubai.

At the end of the process, the award-winning projects were those able to propose innovations with the greatest economic and social impact in 7 technological areas of reference for the global ecological and digital transition: agritech and agrifood, cybersecurity, green tech, life science, future mobility, aerospace, and alternative energy.